Fluctuations and Scaling in Materials




Date: 4-7 July 2007

Location: Todi, Umbria

The Conference will be held in the medieval town of Todi, close to other medieval town centres like Assisi, Spoleto and Orvieto. The Conference site will be the Hotel Villa Luisa, a small hotel with several acres of panoramic gardens just outside Todi city walls.


 The conference timetable is available - please see the section Program.


WARNING: During the period of the conference, Todi is a busy, important touristed attraction. We advise all participants to book their hotel early.

Information: There will be a free shuttle-bus service from the Hotel Europalace. The timetable is yet to be defined.

Download the printable conference poster!

Aims of the Conference:

Statistical physics is a fundamental tool necessary to understand the behavior of matter, and is becoming ever more important in the modern world of carefully engineered materials. The presence of disorder  and heterogeneities creates spatial and temporal fluctuations at all scales and often a sample is manifestly out of equilibrium necessitating the tools of non-equilibrium statistical mechanics. These phenomena are intractable with textbook engineering-oriented methods or using classical thermodynamics. Interactions can amplify the fluctuations and lead to the emergence of non-trivial size effects and instabilities.
The aim of this satellite meeting to Statphys 23 is to bring together theorists and experimentalists working in phenomena of relevance for the statistical mechanics community, having their roots in materials science. Aspects of primary focus for the conference range from the noise phenomena present in a system responding to external (mechanical, magnetic, electric) perturbations to theories of critical phenomena applied in this field, to experiments looking for novel signatures of statistical behavior, to scaling phenomena in material-related problems.
These include the mechanical behavior of materials - fracture and plasticity, Barkhausen noise in magnetic materials, electromigration, vortex noise in superconductors, martensitic transformations and much more. 


The conference will present a number of invited talks suggested by the Scientific Committee. (see the section Program). The Committee will select a number of contributions from the submitted abstract for oral and poster sessions. 

One session will be devoted to the Workshop "Stochasticity and Non-linearity in Material Response", funded by the European Science Foundation activity "Stochastic Dynamics: Fundamentals and Applications"


The fee is 150 € and covers local organization expenses and the social dinner. It is paid on site.